For the first time, it is possible to be mobile and get real estate offers without actively searching for properties.

We have developed an app that takes your search criteria into consideration and notifies you of suitable offers in the vicinity of your smartphone!

Buy or rent? Commercial or private?

ImmoDrops finds the right property for you!

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What does ImmoDrops do for you?

The ImmoDrops app looks for your dream property in the background as soon as you are on the road!

It does not matter how you move, if by car, bus, bike or on foot.

ImmoDrops integrates perfectly into daily life - on the way to work, to the pub around the corner or simply by walking your dog, our app looks for the perfect new home for you.

Once you are near a property that meets your search criteria, ImmoDrops will notify you on your smartphone.

You get the complete property offer via push-message with photos and all important basic data and can immediately contact the provider - and all this in passing!


What is an ImmoDrops?

Our ImmoDrops are sensors that connect to Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices and communicate with our smartphone app using the Bluetooth-Low-Energy transmission standard within a radius of up to 984 feet. If Bluetooth is deactivated, our app uses additional geofencing technologies, a permanent positioning via GPS is not necessary.

With a size of 2,76 x 2,76 in, the ImmoDrops can easily be placed inside the property and are also suitable for outdoor use on the object thanks to the water-resistant housing.

ImmoDrops sensors can be attached easily to any surface with minimal effort, but it can also be simply placed, for example, on the window sill of a free apartment.

The ImmoDrops is equipped with a long-life battery and requires no external power supply.

The full service concept includes the complete set-up of ImmoDrops from installation to maintenance.


What do you have to do?

Download the free ImmoDrops app

Set your personal search criteria

Activate Bluetooth on your smartphone

Just keep moving

ImmoDrops is looking for you!


Soon on the App and Google Play Store


The advantages of ImmoDrops

As an interested party you have the opportunity with ImmoDrops

To leave your property search to our app while you're on the road
To save time and effort in the search for real estate and to devote yourself to the beautiful things of life and to what really matters
To integrate the search for real estate into your daily life without problems - on the way to work, to the pub around the corner or simply by walking your dog
To increase your chances of finding a property in your preferred environment

As a provider you have the opportunity with ImmoDrops

To market your real estate in a timely and efficient manner using our full services
To link real and digital worlds with our hardware and thus create a significantly expanded marketing potential
To proactively contact the app users via push messages, thus optimizing your business processes
To provide targeted mobile messages directing the customer to your real estate offerings
To learn more about your customer by analyzing the statistics


We would like to convince numerous real estate companies, house administrations, brokers and also private landlords of our idea and the service offered to collaborate with us and thus create a close-knit real estate network for the ImmoDrops users.

The ImmoDrops team

The people behind the idea


Rebecca Stawiarski



Norman Pfannkuche


Sponsors and partners